Thursday, September 10, 2015

Digital Badges: A Simple Way to Motivate

Digital Badges have started to become a big deal in the everyday classroom. In a way, you can think of them as the new paper certificate. As stated in the title, they are a simple way to motivate students. 

Why do students care about badges? The answer is Gameification. 

In all of the video games and apps that your students are playing, they earn badges. If you will notice, they earn them for all sorts of things: finishing a level, the time it took for them to complete a task, finding extra items (like coins), and so on.

Kids (and adults) love collecting those badges in the games they play. In turn, they can quickly love collecting badges in your classroom. 

So after reading this, you may be thinking 2 things:
1) How do I create badges?
2) What do I give them out for?

Badge Creation Websites

Credly - My personal favorite. What I believe is the easiest and quickest Badge Creator out there.

Open Badge Designer - Not as easy as Credly, but they seem to have more options for design.

Badge Ideas
Here is a quick list of things that you could give badges for in your classroom!

  • Bronze Reader - after 10 books are read
  • Silver Reader - after 25 books are read
  • Gold Reader - after 50 books are read
  • Super Reader - after 100 books are read
  • Problem Solver Badge
  • Collaborator Badge
  • Hard Worker Badge
  • Citizenship Badge
  • Perfect Attendance Badge (Monthly)
  • Academic Growth Badge
These are just a few ideas to get you started, please feel free to comment below to add your badge ideas that you have or will add for your classroom!


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  2. Do you give points for badges or just give the badges? I'm looking at starting badges this year, and I am excited to see how it goes.

  3. Ohh wow this is super cool. I really loved your idea. It is a good way to motivate the kids to read more and become avid readers

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