Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Transforming Learning with the Seesaw App

by Mickey McFetridge 
Many people who use iPads and Chromebooks in the classroom know about the app Seesaw. It can be used primarily as an LMS (Learning Management System), but many of its features allow alignment with the Transformation spectrum of the SAMR Model.

Students using Seesaw can:
  • Take pictures and video
  • Annotate documents with drawings or voice
  • Record actions and voice on a whiteboard
  • Ask teachers to publish work on a class blog
Lets look at the SAMR Model and these Seesaw features together:

Modification: When students use the annotation features, especially voice and video recording, it allows “for significant task redesign.” Students can replay their recordings many times to reflect upon their learning. This reflection is a critical piece in fostering a growth mindset and meta-cognition.

Redefinition: The teachers can safely share his/her student’s work on a classroom blog and with parents. This allows the students learning to impact others outside of the classroom. They can receive feedback to make improvements on their work as well.

For ideas on activities to use with Seesaw check out the following resources below:

This post has not been sponsored by Seesaw, it is based off of my own in class experience with Seesaw.