Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Chrome Extensions for Students and Teachers

Last week, I had the privilege of presenting several sessions at the Innovation Institute held at Lakeside Jr. High in Springdale, Arkansas. The following presentation was from my last session there. It consists of just a handful of Chrome Extensions that would be great for classroom use. This is not a top 5 list, because I have found extensions to be a very individualized thing. They are just some extensions that either work well for me, or I have seen work well in the classroom.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

YouTube Offers Free Music for your Classroom Videos

One of the things that teachers and students often want to add to a video presentation is background music. Of course, this can become difficult when you want to post these videos to YouTube or any social media site. Do to copyright issues, you are not allowed to post videos with just any music added to them.  

YouTube actually gives you a solution to this problem! They offer free to use music that you or your students can add to videos that is legal to post and share to the public.

I have made the following tutorial for you to see just how this works: