Monday, October 20, 2014

Google Forms for Reading Open Response

I was able to meet with Trish Lopez in her 5th grade class at Elmdale Elementary School in Springdale, AR. We had a conversation about the different ways that Google Forms can be used in the classroom. While we discussed how it could be great for multiple choice type quizzes, we decided to use the Form as a reading open response tool for her guided reading group. 

She formulated a few open response questions for them in her form, and added a picture from the story in the form as well for the students to answer about. She then shared the form with her reading group via Google Classroom, where the students could easily click on the link and complete her form. Once the students completed their questions, their responses were collected on a Google Sheet for Mrs. Lopez to easily read their responses. This proved to be an easy way to integrate technology into her classroom as another simple tool to collect student work.


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  6. Google Forms provides an easy way to track student responses. You can view the responses in a quizzes format and easily read through the answers. This makes it easy to quickly see which students are understanding the text and which are struggling.