Monday, October 6, 2014

Free Student Selection Tools

Finding ways to randomly select students in the classroom is nothing new. I've used everything from numbering systems, spinners, dice, and even a deck of cards to randomly choose students to answer questions in my classrooms. Of course these systems are a great tool to have. They keep students accountable because they never know when they will be called upon, and it helps teachers promote fairness in the classroom.

Kagan Publishing & Professional Development has some of the to tools for classroom collaboration, including many types of randomization tools. They are fairly inexpensive, but you do pay for them. Here are some great FREE tools you can use for student selection! has a Random Name Picker that is excellent. You can easily create, edit and save your class names. It makes a url for your saved list, and can be accessed anywhere. also has a few easy to use student selection tools. Dart Board Selector & Random Student Selector. You can sign up for a free membership to access these tools. Your class lists are then saved to your account and can be accessed for either selection tool you want to use.

All of these tools can be a fun way to keep students of all ages engaged and hold them accountable at the same time.


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