Tuesday, February 23, 2016

My Maps in Google Drive: Create Interactive Maps

The integration of Google My Maps within Google Drive has made it simple for anyone to create interactive maps. Both teachers and students can use these maps to display content for reports or instruction. For every pin dropped on the map, information and pictures can be added. Since it is in Google Drive, the map can be shared and worked on collaboratively as well.

To access Google My Maps, click the New button in Drive, hover over more, and select Google My Maps

Google My Maps allow for users to:

  • Add different layers
  • Change icon color and shape
  • Measure the distance between locations
  • Draw lines or shapes
  • Add driving, biking, or walking routes
Take a look at a few of the images below, and then try out Google My Maps for yourself!
Simple to edit and add pictures
Add layers to identify different purposes for pinning locations
Change icon color and shape


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