Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Presentation Tools that Ignite Student Creativity

I am an educator who is constantly in search for tools that promote student creation over student consumption. For years PowerPoint, Prezi, and Google Slides have been the "go to" presentation tools that allow for some student creation in the classroom. At times, many teachers and students look for something different to use, something a little more engaging for their audience.

There are many free online presentation tools out there, but I am going to highlight a couple that your students can use to create with.

Adobe Spark
Example of a Adobe Spark Web Story
Spark offers 3 different presentation types: Social Media Posts, Web Stories (similar to a PowerPoint), and Videos. All three types are simple for students to use. Students can search for media and information without having to leave the application. This allows for a more efficient presentation development time. At the end of the presentation, all of the photos are automatically cited. For students wanting a professional looking product, Adobe Spark is an amazing option.

Buncee Edu

Buncee is a fun and simple tool for students to create engaging presentations. The platform is set up like PowerPoint/Google Slides but caters to kids more creative side. As with Adobe Spark, backgrounds, pictures, animations, stamps, and several other media types can all be searched and found within the app.

Buncee's click, drag, and search options are simple to use for all learners.


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  2. Super, thanks for the tips. I like this graphic design. In addition, using Adobe Spark isn't so difficult. I've spent enough time to learn but this is a useful skill in working with the Adobe package. The only time I had to use first Animated Presentation Template . And only after a few months I was able to make my template.

  3. Hi Mickey,

    You should check out Sutori, a presentation tool that is really easy to use. You create presentations in a timeline kind of format for any topic. Check out some examples here on the link below :)

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